Network Installation

Our professionals possess the data point installation expertise using superior quality Cat 6 cable required to perform all the functions such as installing a full Wi-Fi based network for your property. No matter the circumstances or specifications, we work with any area plans such as multi-story, numerous buildings, or awkward placements. Our technicians also perform secondary modem installation so that our clients have access to the internet in distinct areas without spending money on separate plans. We will install your service without any disruption or inconveniences to neighbours and property. Relevant testing for all points also performed so that you can have complete peace of mind before our technician leaves the premise.


Installing new or relocating existing NBN modems can be a stressful task. Multiple businesses and Australian residents face restrictions in their networks and are unable to use their NBN service effectively. We are here to alleviate all those frustrations and offer quality services to ensure a seamless experience. Whether you are bringing a new modem into your building or need some help to relocate and repair it, we will deliver your NBN to make sure it is running to its full potential. We cover all NBN technologies, including HFC, FTTN and FTTC.



We understand that the growing world requires more channels of communication. We provide telecom expertise in the fundamental areas of telephone installation. Our technicians can add new sockets for telephone or relocate existing ones to wherever required on your property. Convenience is our specialty, and we will install any new phones with minimal disruption. Our telephone service will have your network operating smoothly, so you can always keep your finger on the pulse. Whether you need to install handsets in different areas of the premise or you need expert advice on how to elevate your current telephonic needs, our professionals will handle it for you.

Antenna and Foxtel

We provide the seamless installation of weather-proof Australian made antennas. Placed in the most advantageous area on your property and the use of technology to locate the nearest tower to ensure you are getting full service with minimal interruptions – even in the face of adverse weather. We deliver maintenance services to your antennas to diagnose any existing issues and eliminate dropouts. We can also install additional Foxtel points on your property and audit the home set to give you a fully immersive media experience at home or office.



Should you require a CCTV network to be installed on your property, look no further. Our veteran knowledge base allows us to tackle the complexities of setting up any surveillance network with ease. We install high-quality PoE security camera systems with quick communication times. Our application processes ensure that the camera system runs 24/7 with no obstructions. Our premier installation practices allow for 100% uptime in areas where there is little or no power. We tailor the network to your requirements so that you can have complete peace of mind knowing your premise is safe and secure.


Whatever telecommunication device or network service you are running, we provide maintenance services that enhance the efficiency. We perform a full network health check of antennas, data points, networks, and telephones of all kinds, diagnosing any problem found upon the way. We deliver the solutions and continue testing them until they are entirely operational and performing above and beyond their expected standard. We always go the extra mile to make sure there is satisfaction in our installations, and the same applies to maintenance. We can also install amplifiers in the case of numerous connections to minimise signal disturbance.



Not only do we provide expert services in telecommunications, but we also administer the civil services around installations. The highly-skilled members of our team can offer concrete cutting, trenching, and underground conduit placement. We work so that your cabling and connections are as hidden as possible. Visual aesthetics are just as important as functionality. We strive to fuse the two in the most coherent manner possible and deliver a full package service. Our veteran team is full of highly-qualified and fully-licensed technicians, guaranteeing a premium service coupled with a lifetime guarantee.